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Signal Indicators
6 Powerful Indicators
TREND Indicator

The trend indicator is exactly as the name implies; some binary options assets follow certain trends that can be measured. Let’s say the price of gold tends to always rise on Tuesday mornings, this would reflect in the trend indicator. Many experienced traders use this indicator in conjunction with another indicator looking for matches.

CCI Indicator

The CCI indicator is also a type of trend indicator and oscillating indicator. Its full name is Commodity Channel Index. Originally designed for trading in commodities, many traders have discovered this indicator also works well with other binary options assets such as currency pairs.

RSI Indicator

RSI stands for relative Strength Index. Statistics show that the RSI indicator is one of the most popular. The RSI Indicator measures technical momentum using averages of recent gains and losses. The RSI Indicator is an oscillating indicator that bases at the “50” line and signals call at 30 or below and put at 70 or above.

Stoch Indicactor

The Stoch, or Stochastic Indicator is also an oscillating indicator. Using 2 lines which is a fast and a slow, you determine trades when the fast line either goes above or below the slow line. Many experts agree the Stoch Indicator is one of the best measurements to overbought or oversold assets. It is a great indicator for amateur traders.

Williams Indicator

Developed by Larry Williams, the Williams Indicator is quite similar to the Stoch Indicator but uses a different calculation method. Many traders use the Williams and Stoch Indicators side by side to look for agreements. I have heard of traders having upwards of a 94% win rate using the 2 in conjunction.

MACD Indicator

MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence or Divergence. It is an easy to understand indicator which makes it a favorite of many traders. Using 2 sets of averages; a simple moving average and an exponential moving average, it oscillates showing overbought or oversold assets. But it does show fake signals often so most traders use it in conjunction with another indicator.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Free Signals
Are the cryptocurrency signals free?

Yes. It’s 100% free to join and try the software (demo mode). If you wish to trade the signals with real money you simply fund your synced broker account.

What is the minimum deposit account in a broker?

$250. However we recommend a starting balance of $500.

How do I withdraw my profits and balance?

We provide a withdrawal button that you click to open to your banking page of your synced broker account. From there you can withdraw.

How do a choose a broker?

We have partnered with leading brokers that are available in your region. We automatically assign a broker for you however you can join more than one broker once you have created an initial account.

Can I use my existing broker?

Unfortunately no, we only offer our free signals via new accounts.

How do I configure my settings?

Via a setting “cog” icon found on the top right side of your screen once logged in.